International Quantum Cascade Lasers School and Workshop

Sunday 4 - Friday 9 September 2016
Cambridge, UK

Speakers & Programme

A number of internationally leading researchers spoke at IQCLSW 2016, and these included:

Keynote Speakers:

Gabriel Aeppli, ETH Zurich, Switzerland – Why we need programmable coherent THz radiation

Tobias Mansuripur, Harvard University, USA – Multimode Quantum Cascade Laser as a Self‐pumped Parametric Oscillator

Fritz Keilmann, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Germany – Infrared Near-field Nanoscopy 

Miriam Vitiello, CNR Pisa, Italy – Terahertz quantum cascade lasers: photonic engineering solution for high-precision spectroscopy

Tutorial Speakers:

Don Arnone, TeraView Ltd, UK – Challenges and rewards of commercializing Terahertz Technology – Past, Present and Future

Paul Dean, University of Leeds, UK – Self-mixing effects in quantum cascade lasers: from theory to applications

Sukhdeep Dhillon, Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain, France – Modelocking of quantum cascade lasers

Brian Ellison, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK – Terahertz Technology – a view from space

Jérôme Faist, ETH Zurich, Switzerland – Linear and non-linear gain in quantum cascade laser active regions

Qing Hu, MIT, USA – THz QCL frequency combs and phased arrays through global antenna mutual coupling

Carlo Sirtori, Paris 7, France – Physical Principles of Quantum Cascade Lasers

Gottfried Strasser, TU Wien, Austria – Material Systems for QC Devices: Design, growth and fabrication

Alessandro Tredicucci, NEST, Pisa, Italy – Shaping the emission of quantum cascade lasers

Invited Speakers:

Giacomo Scalari, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Alwyn Seeds, University College London, UK

Alexander Spott, University of California, USA

Rolf Szedlak, TU Wien, Austria

Roland Teissier, University of Montpellier, France

Charly Unterrainer, TU Wien, Austria

Qijie Wang, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

International Programme Committee:
Alexey Belyanin, Texas A&M University, USA
Manfred Helm, TU Dresden, Germany
Hideki Hirayama, RIKEN, Japan
Dragan Indjin, University of Leeds, UK
Jerry Meyer, Naval Research Laboratory, USA
Mauro Pereira, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Vincenzo Spagnolo, Politecnico di Bari, Italy
Benjamin Williams, University of California Los Angeles, USA
Gangyi Xu, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China
Masamichi Yamanishi, Hamamatsu Photonics, Japan

The IQCLSW2016 organisation is supported by European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), specifically COST Action BM1205  “European Network for Skin Cancer Detection Using Laser Imaging.” This cooperation are important for the school  and workshop to attract some world-leading QCL lecturers, top research students and young researchers.

IQCLSW 2016 is also supported by the FET-Open project ULTRAQCL (grant number 665158).